What is Paths: World of Adia?

Paths: World of Adia is a tabletop RPG adventure game that is based on a D6 System.

The World of Adia

Choose your Path, Hero.

Why Paths?

Paths: World of Adia is a unique tabletop RPG game that is designed to simulate an MMORPG experience. While the Roleplaying is something that is up to the Game Master, the combat mechanics is something a player can change. Paths: World of Adia provides an active combat system that moves fluidly from person to monster.

However, as per tradition, the Game Master will always serve as the master storyteller. Going back to the first Role Playing games, a Game Master had a more important job then just refereeing in combat. They set the tone and envision the world along with helping add spice to every npc. The Game Master will be put into a position to help monitor story flow above all else and help players discover their Path.

 Solo Gameplay

In Paths: World of Adia, players will also be able to play solo by following a campaign module, if they wish to. Due to Paths: World of Adia being an active combat system that moves fluidly between player and monster, this allows for solo gameplay. Each monsters actions is based on a d6 dice roll and has its own specific set of special rules to follow.

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Paths is a Role Playing Game that will be launched on Kickstarter.



Factions & Groups


The Kinsworn are made up of Tuskaar, Humans, Cenzai, and Elves. These four races have come together as blood brothers and sisters swearing an oath to be as one blood, as kin.


The Society is a very noble faction, the only faction to bring peace throughout the land, and by far the most superior of the three. This allegiance is between four races consisting of the Coursers, Paradisian, Orcs, and Vampires. The Society is by far the most well established, and best governed.


Beast Master


Gohja's Rage


Gohja is the Tuskaar Warlord, representing all of the Tuskaar tribes. He stands fifteen feet tall and wields a mighty mace he named Y’kevesh made of a Makhaza skull, and it thirsts for war.

The Pixie Hunter

Pixie hunting was discovered by accident. Once, a hunter carved his crest into a tree while a pixie hovered nearby.  In retaliation for the carving, the tree swung its branches at the hunter. When the hunter swung his hammer back, he smashed the pixie into the Druid’s bark by mistake.

The pixie exploded into dust on contact, and lo and behold, the hunter’s hammer began to float.  Today this magic pixie dust is used for Rune Smithing.

The Pixie Hunter
Elven Hunting Party

Elven Hunting Party

The Elves are master hunters, and masters of the beasts that roam Adia. Strength, hard work, kind hearts, and hard feet are traits that define the Elves.

Although they are often looked on as savages by The Society, they are also admired for their blade skills. They are loyal to their brothers and sisters in arms, the Kin Sworn, whom they view as family. The Elves are willing to die for their family if they must.

Grenade Juggler

Grenade Jugglers are typically renegades that have taken interest in Orcish engineering. Often, Grenade Jugglers crave a big boom, and are hired as mercenaries to fulfill the task at hand. This is perfect for the individual hiring them, as it’s no skin off their nose. If something goes wrong though, – the Grenade Juggler may not have a nose.
Grenade Juggler
Wretched Mugger

Wretched Mugger

Not everyone is born into wealth in Adia. Most are poor; unsure of where their next meal will come from.  In desperation, even the cleverest of people will sometimes turn to a life of crime in the streets of Nethandre Star Kingdom. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor would sound ideal, but these thieves would rather wage war on the rich and slay those who try to stop them. When the body of a victim is found it is often marked with a brand, typically in the shape of a Skull with a type of bandana or cloth covering the eyes. These victims are called the Blind Watchers.

Cenzai Guard

To become a Cenzai guard requires great skill, and even greater courage. A Cenzai Guard routinely puts his life on the line for his Roo-Boss.

The Cenzai will typically choose a spear when going to war or for hunting, but they are also masters at hand to hand combat.  They will often use their powerful legs and arms when they are provoked to fight.

Cenzai Guard
Pygmy Uwakuun

Pygmy Uwakuun

Pygmy Uwakuun are interesting creatures. They usually travel in packs of three, but have been known to have up to 13 Pygmy Uwakuun hunting at once.Pygmy Uwakuun are very dangerous, as they prefer to hunt the other races that live within Adia. They are especially dangerous to the Tuskaar and Paradisian who possess fine materials, such as feathers and tusks, which can be used in Pygmy masks.

The Death Coach

Some say that the Death Coach is only a myth. It is believed that the coach belonged to King Jaedric, whose coachman went mad, taking the king into a hollow where the coach disappeared, never to be seen again. Many believe that the Death Coach still preys upon those wandering the roads of Adia. It offers them rides home, and then locks them away forever in the hollow. Others have claimed that it only appears when the coachman can smell Death Magic. Silly, isn’t it?
Death Coach
Grey Wall

Grey Wall

Grey Wall is known as one of the most veteran Paladins within the Fire Forge. He has seen many wars, and has fought through two previous generations, serving many Kings in the royal blood line.

Fire Forge Recruit

These recruits are fresh out of training as they have now been tasked with one of the heaviest burdens than any other recruits before them. They are asked to take up arms against the Demon hordes as they charge into Rokdom’Nar, and soon Nethandre Star Kingdom.
Fire Forge Recruit
Brave Squire

Brave Squire

We often face our fears, in even the toughest moments, but be brave and battle on for victory awaits you at the end – conquering that fear.

Chosen Defender

“When the commander moves, you move. When he braces to block a hit, you stand in front of him. We are defenders. We are the Champions. We are the honor guard. For the Fire Forge! For the Fire Eternal!” – Chosen Defender Sergeant
Chosen Defender
Holy Brawler

Holy Brawler

“You’ve taken the lives of the innocent. YOU WILL BE PURGED DEMON!” – Holy Brawler

Theo Light Binder

“For only twelve easy payments of 22 gold pieces, you may have my hammer! Kidding, but you could have one of my seeker books. Wait! Don’t go! I’m just kidding!…. kind of.” – Theo Light Binder
The Light Binder


Sea Corpse Ravager

Few who have seen the Sea Corpse Ravager have lived to tell the tale. This monstrous creature lives in the open oceans of Adia, but a few have allegedly been seen in the Twin Lakes of Shamradaer.

This mystical beast is both smart and deadly. If you encounter one, approach it cautiously.  The Sea Corpse Ravager is reported to swallow men whole when it feels threatened.

Sea Corpse Ravager
Mega Koi

Mega Koi

Mega Koi are massive bottom feeding fish that can grow to be up to 2 meters in length. There are stories claiming that Mega Koi can grow indefinitely, but they can only grow to be as large as the body of  water they live in.

Blind Screamer

Blind Screamers are some of the loudest creatures in Adia. If a Screamer becomes territorial, be quick to cover your ears. The initial sound wave could leave you permanently deaf. Although Screamers are very loud, they also give off an unmatched healing aura to those that seek their aid, and can heal all wounds of those around them. Screamers are much quicker than they seem and use echolocation to hunt and track their prey.
Blind Screamer


There are many different sub-species of Hydra in Adia. This specific variety of Hydra is carnivorous, territorial, and solitary. They are typically found living in the Twin Lakes of Shamradaer, but are also found throughout the Asadii plains, up to the the Mountains of Whispers.

Water Hound

Water Hounds are most common in the Twin Lakes of Shamradaer, but also run through most rivers, all the way to Nethandre Star Kingdom. They are used primarily by the Elves for hunting and tracking, and make fantastic guard pets at night.
Water Hound
Blackfin Ripper

Blackfin Ripper

Blackfin are most commonly found in the Twin Lakes of Shamradaer. They hunt in small groups or packs to control their prey by herding them into a trap. Blackfin are found in deeper water, which is why Elven mothers warn their children to stay in the shallows.

Kaldeya Hive Queen

Kaldeya are the largest known species of wasp insect in Adia. Due to the fact that they grew over time, they changed from not only looking for nectar and insects but have become hunters of small prey, looking for small mammals and fish. They aren’t big game hunters unless defending their hive.
Kaldeya Hive Queen


Rot and Decay
Siphon Spirit
Gaze of Naz'thol
Bone Armor
Bone Wall
Life Siphon
Consume Curse
Cloud of Death
The Dark Void


Holy Wrath
Holy Strike
Holy Shield
Gift of Angels
Ethereal Force
Angelic Light
Light Nova
Sanctuary Purge
Mass Cleanse
Wall of Fire


Divine Shatter
Extirpate the Unholy
Fire's Eternal Intervention
Light's Guard
Refulgent Light

Gear Sets

Holy Ember


Death Summoner

Non-Gear Sets

Holy Bastion
Initiate's Tower Shield
Initiate's War Sword
The Judge

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