Paths: World of Adia is an epic saga high-fantasy tabletop roleplaying setting and game where the opportunities to fight back and rise up against the villains that wish to shape the world of Adia in their image. Demons lurk in the darkest and most powerful of corners, where pacts are made with wicked Kings and Queens, and the people of Adia must right this wrong or suffer the tyranny of cruel leaders.

Heroes are rising up, shining a new light on the situation and taking matters into their own hands. Choosing their paths, the heroes of Adia are unifying together, exploring new lands, and forming alliances across the world. Rise up, hero, and choose your path.


 The Creation of Adia – 00 ARC (After Realm Creation)

Stars, moons, land, and sea – 00 ARC

The book of Altuumis chapter 1 verses 1-21 says:

The Fire Eternal awoke in nothingness. Displeased by the vast emptiness, the Fire Eternal sought to create life and joy. He began with the thought of the great planet on which we live, and named it Adia. He shaped and molded the world of Adia with his very hands, structuring it so that all of her people could live in peace and harmony. From his heart, he pulled a bright warm flame. This was the Core. He split the land from the seas so that we could move freely and wonder at the vastness of the oceans. He fashioned towering mountains, dense jungles, sandy deserts, wide rivers, and great flat lands so that all races could freely take joy in the gifts given to each of them.

He then pulled from heart of the seas the three moons to control the tides. These tri-colored bodies of the heavens which stand watch over the night had fallen to Adia from the first light of the Core that danced upon the lands of Adia. Seeing the brightness of the Core was too heavy and too strong, the Fire Eternal, in his great wisdom, scattered embers from the Core’s fire into the heavens. Thus were the stars created to aid the moons in their silent vigil over those that would soon walk the lands.

Not wishing for any to walk in darkness, he separated the three small moons and spread them out in the skies over Adia. He gave each a name according to their strengths. First is the fiery white moon of Cornauch, the bright moon of Peace, Love, and Joy. The second moon, lit by orange embers, is Yaugdinfuur, the moon of Battle, Triumph, and Conquering. The third moon, blue as the waters it left, is Okdormagyen, the moon of Wealth, Good Fortune, Hope, and Miracles. These moons guard over all who walk in their gaze and bestow the blessings of their Spirit to touch each of us in our daily life from birth to death.

His creations had a home, light for both dawn and dusk, and much to learn and explore. The Fire Eternal loved the creations that he made. He saw this and was pleased with his work.

A Note on Spirit Magic

Magic is alive in Adia. It is in every living creature and plant. It drifts on the air, flows in the water, and rests in gems. This magic binding the world together is known as Spirit and is regarded not only as a mark of life, but also as a way to determine the quality of a creature’s soul. Nearly every person living in Adia can perform simple magic, but there are still more that have pushed on to learn more about how to harness this internal force. Those seeking knowledge and better understanding of their own Spirit may take many roads in life. Their training grounds span from the trained High Mages in the halls of Galinford and the Wizard Colleges all the way to the Thieves’ Guild below Nethandre Star Kingdom, to the wilds of the Assadi Plains.

The type of magic one can accomplish is determined by their own Spirit. Spirit can be displayed as myriad colors that represent different aspects of an individual, their lives, and their homelands. The most powerful of mages choose to entrench themselves in studying the magic that most closely resonates with their own unique Spirit. Those that study Arcane and Elemental magics have discovered that they are a neutral force while those that pursue Divine or Necromantic magics work with Spirit that more readily follows their intent. While the Arcane seeks to be left in peace, Elemental exists and co-mingles readily with those gifted enough to feel it. Divine magic follows those most attuned to the voice of the Fire Eternal, and Necromancy calls to those most observant of the balance of life and death in the world around them.The flow and mystery of all arts of magic has drawn countless members of this young world to try to understand and control the trajectory of the ever-expanding world around them.

And yes, chickens are still called chickens.

Join us in Adia, a young living world who’s political landscape shifts as drastically as it’s physical growth. This planet of extremes is in constant flux as its three moons influence the magical Spirit that flows between Adia and all of her living creatures. In Paths: The World of Adia, players adopt the role of a denizen on this rich, multicultural world who has decided to embrace and pursue their goals to become more than just another face in the crowd. Our lush, developed environments and evolving story are designed with immersion and interactivity in mind as players move and grow with a unique blend of new and familiar game systems.

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