The bright light in the sky, the Core, hangs high above Adia each morning with one of three different moons beside it. Cornauch, the bright moon of Peace, Love, and Joy, Yaugdinfuur, the moon of Battle, Triumph, and Conquering, and Okdormagyen, the moon of wealth, good fortune, hope, and miracles.

Clouds pass by casting their shadows on the grass filled Assadi plains, and dirt paths stretching from one city to another. The paths go as far as the eye can see until they trail off over the edge of the horizon, or get cut off as they fade away into the thick Tassradan Jungle. Kingdoms stand tall, and creatures roam the world.

The Rhuk Varn river flows, and the creeks trickle where the fresh water can be heard sloshing up against the banks. The Tundorah trees stand tall as if their branches could reach out toward the sky like arms with their hands trying to reach it. Tundorah tree branches twisting to where if you look just right at them, they can be seen cradling the moon that sits next to the Core in the blue sky.

A strong wind blows in and the leaves shake on the trees and their sounds echo slowly across the forest of Tynordane, and the Grove of Whispers. A Forest Mogdun can be seen stomping as it pushes it’s way through the trees and picks up a small glowing rock surrounded by blue spirit magic, looking to be the size of a small stone sitting in his gigantic wooden hand. The Mogdun’s limbs can be heard creaking, groaning, and thrashing with each move it takes stepping over boulders, large overgrown roots, and plants that litter the first floor. Biting into the spirit magic stone, the Mogdun chews as his bottom rock jaw crushes the stone up against his hard wooden skull’s upper jaw, absorbing the blue spirit magic, making his blue glowing eyes flicker.

Dark gray clouds form overhead, and the smell of rain drifts through the air. The Mogdun notices this and turns to head deep, back into the forest of Tynordane.

The small Rokrink’s have noticed as well and the Rokrink Rock Blaster summons a fireball blasting a hole no bigger than two full hands of the average human, just enough for a Rokrink and its crew to get inside. The Rokrink crackles at the three Rokrinks standing around looking up at the sky, as large raindrops began to hit the forest floor. The crackling of the Rokrink Rock Blaster gets louder as it furiously points at the open hole in the boulder, allowing for a safe place for them to stay during the thunderstorm.

An Orc mage can be seen standing upon the mage school’s tower of Rokdom’nar holding his staff to the sky as lightning strikes and a thunderous boom floods over the area. Arcane magic raining all around the mage as the students at the ground level clap and cheer, and the town men and women smile as their eyes are filled with wonder from the powerful Mage that stands upon the tower teaching his spells of the Arcane.

Adia is a world that runs deep with story, is driven by adventure, and has life breathed into it through the rich lore that makes each and every detail added as if the world was truly alive.


Join us in Adia, a young living world who’s political landscape shifts as drastically as it’s physical growth. This planet of extremes is in constant flux as its three moons influence the magical Spirit that flows between Adia and all of her living creatures. In Paths: The World of Adia, players adopt the role of a denizen on this rich, multicultural world who has decided to embrace and pursue their goals to become more than just another face in the crowd. Our lush, developed environments and evolving story are designed with immersion and interactivity in mind as players move and grow with a unique blend of new and familiar game systems.


Progression System

We’re introducing a fresh take on the traditional Race/Class/Skill system by introducing our Path Progression System. With it, players can deeply explore the development of their character with experience progression that is truly dynamic and unique. Path Points are but one of the options players have when spending experience. They can also change their encounter decks, purchase new talents, or explore completely new paths. These options cater to the enrichment of technical and story focused players allowing changes that could be used to round out metagame balancing or change your character based on how they have developed in their journeys.

Combat and Skill

Combat and Skill checks are handled with our Paths Spirit system. Players roll three D8 dice to determine their total along with various bonuses applied to each check. This system offers a stacking critical success and failure system to allow for truly heroic and heart breaking moments of play. Our stacking crit system adds an extra die of damage for every max value hit roll.

Encounter Handling

Paths uses an Encounter Card system; all your actions in combat are determined by cards that you play. This allows for players to arrange their turns and encourage cooperative actions in battle instead of focusing on a multi-phase turn. The Paths you take can augment the cards in your hand and allow for combinations of cards that can activate unique abilities for every Path. It also allows GM’s more flexibility in managing encounters on the fly as their players react and interact with their environment.

Threat and Aggro Scale

The goal of this feature is to encourage players of all experience levels to be able to have a smooth means by which to join established or new groups. To this end, we have developed a sliding scale for our threat and aggro ratings. This is a tool provided for players and GMs to balance encounters so that they can be implemented with confidence no matter the amount of progression or variability of party composition.


Paths does not always need to have a Game Master in order to enjoy an adventure. With Paths, you will be able to pick up modules that are designed to act as a GM-in-a-box. These adventures will have options to play with a variable amount of players down to just one! Many of these will also include ranges for players of different points of progression.

The first “GM-in-a-box” adventure will be Secrets of Tynordane.

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Paths is a Role Playing Game that will be launched on Kickstarter.



Factions & Groups


The Kinsworn are made up of Tuskaar, Humans, Cenzai, and Elves. These four races have come together as blood brothers and sisters swearing an oath to be as one blood, as kin.


The Society is a very noble faction, the only faction to bring peace throughout the land, and by far the most superior of the three. This allegiance is between four races consisting of the Coursers, Paradisian, Orcs, and Vampires. The Society is by far the most well established, and best governed.


Rot and Decay
Siphon Spirit
Gaze of Naz'thol
Bone Armor
Bone Wall
Life Siphon
Consume Curse
Cloud of Death
The Dark Void


Holy Wrath
Holy Strike
Holy Shield
Gift of Angels
Ethereal Force
Angelic Light
Light Nova
Sanctuary Purge
Mass Cleanse
Wall of Fire


Divine Shatter
Extirpate the Unholy
Fire's Eternal Intervention
Light's Guard
Refulgent Light

Gear Sets

Holy Ember

Death Summoner

Non-Gear Sets

Holy Bastion
Initiate's Tower Shield
Initiate's War Sword
The Judge

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