A letter with love

The courser guard filled the room, and a very stout courser sat on a small stool in front of a desk, chuckling to himself. It was noisy in the jail room hall. The courser men played dice games, drank ale, and ate Sheerva meat from the bone.

The captain stood up to look at the crowd of men, still chuckling to himself. “Alright. Alright now!” The men wouldn’t listen, so the Courser guard barked. “ALRIGHT NOW! LISTEN UP!”

The courser guardsman stopped and turned their attention to him shouting.

“Well now, that’s better. Listen to this! This guy thinks he’s going to make something of himself!”

The captain cleared his throat and started reading.

Dear Mayrin,

   I write you this letter today to let you know that times are changing here in Walenhyde. My heart breaks for the humans, as they’re not welcomed in Nethandre Star Kingdom anymore. They’ve made me send away Gunro. They said that if I were to keep a human in my home, even my own son, they would surely imprison him, or worse – execute him.

I’m not sure what else to do Mayrin. Without both you and Gunro here, this farm is feeling lonely and depressing. It’s hard to work knowing that you are both gone from my life, but Gunro is only temporary. I hope to see him again soon. I’m only a few days off from receiving the last payment for the bushel of fruit that I sold and I will be paying the Kingdom their taxes soon. I miss you terribly. I can’t wait to have you at home again my love.

Love your husband,


The guardsman belted out through belly bursting laughter, slamming their mugs on the table as the ale spilled over the side of it, and rattling the red six-sided dice on the table.

The captain reading the letter found it rather amusing as well. Holding his stomach as he laughed and spoke through villainous words. “It’s too bad she’s already dead!”

The guard pointed to the cell and there lay the lifeless body of Mayrin. “That’s what you get when you can’t pay the king his taxes! Listen to this, he even wrote another letter.

Dear Mayrin,

   A few days have passed and I’ve found an answer in how to get Gunro back. I can’t speak about it now, but I will tell you in person on the night of the twelfth of this month. I’ve learned the truth, and I will be coming to get you.

Love your husband,

The guardsman and the captain let out another belly bursting laugh, but then they stopped as small courser at the back table holding his pint spoke up out of confusion. “Wait a minute. Isn’t tonight the twelfth?”

The door from above the dungeon cellars flew open and a rush of flame entered the room, burning the guardsman and the captain alive. The room was torched in flame.

A courser sat in the top window crouched on it with a bow and quiver on his back, wearing all black, and a black hood. “I will see you soon my love.”

The courser pulled a black scarf over his face and then signaled to another courser behind him. The second courser also dressed in all black pulled his scarf over his face as well and readied his bow. He pulled an arrow from his quiver and ignited it in a flame using a magic spell from his hands. The arrow lit up the roof around them. He fired the arrow into the sky, and then it popped and crackled as fire exploded from it like a firework.

Shortly after many coursers dressed in black began to climb the wall with bows and quivers on their backs and daggers by their sides. They rushed the Nethandre Star Kingdom walls and began to kill off the guard, one by one. A fire hot branding mark was pressed upon each victim that was slain.

The Brand read “The Blind lead the blind” and had a human skull with its eyes covered by a black bandana.

The courser that sat upon the window came forth and rose his weapon shouting. “WE ARE THE BLIND WATCHERS! WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING!”