It’s no wonder these placid but deadly lake and river dwellers are regarded as representatives of water itself. Often compared to a strong undertow, these creatures may look peaceful floating in still waters, but they are far from defenseless. Their wide heads conceal powerful tusks that can shear through flesh and bone with ease. Their ability to shoot huge quantities of water to punish those that dare venture too close coupled with their thick muscled bodies concealing their uncanny speed in the water makes them a deceptively strong force of nature. 

Dire Wolf

These massive wolves come in grey, white, brown, black, and any combination of the four. Their close bonds, pack mentality, and ease when traveling through a wide variety of terrain have set the Dire Wolf apart as the symbol of earth magics. With canines half the size of a Human forearm, these wolves are able to take down all but the hardiest of prey when they work together. Some see them as an example of what it means to be Kinsworn while others see their organization as a guiding principle of Society living. Adapted for a wide range of climates, Dire Wolves span a wide range and call large swaths of the Adian wilderness home.

Great Gryphon

The Great Gryphon has earned its name in both size and strength. These massive and powerful Gryphons dwarf their smaller cousins in every way. With wide, strong wings and a powerful feline body, they are at home on the ground and in the air. Great Gryphons almost always have a round owlish head and can disappear in the snow at a moment’s notice in spite of their huge size. These creatures use their silent wings to their advantage as they stalk and hunt prey on the cliffs of their home. Their most common method of hunting is to swoop down onto their prey and snatch it up with their strong, taloned paws.


The Ghaust is an alarming creature of gigantic proportions created by the summoning skills of necromantic Death Magic. It is rarely summoned, but when it is, it’s meant to deal great harm to the target enemy in sight.

It towers above its foes at 20 feet in height. It is slow-moving, but its crushing Death Magic fists deal fatal blows if they hit you. If the Ghaust’s fists don’t cripple you, the shadow bolt magic that it conjures from its hands will bring ruin.


A Gov’Nauth is a death magic beast. Black spirit magic wisps flow from it like tentacles. Its jaw is wide, filled with razor-sharp teeth, and its face is long with six piercing, purple eyes that glow. The Gov’Nauth’s hands, similar to its feet, have trailing black spirit magic wisps and are quick to grapple any foe within its reach. If the seven horns protruding forward from its skull don’t impale you when charging, its flail-like tail is sure to find you. This Ethereal beast still holds true to some of its Abyssal undead traits, but as Death’s Scythe is now in the Fire Eternal’s control, it is possible for Necromancers to summon these ferocious beasts.

River Hydra

River Hydra walk the middle path between their lake and jungle counterparts. Highly adaptable to any environment, these hydra, with their stone-like grey and brown scales, blend in well along rocky riverbeds and waterfall-adorned cliff-faces. Sporting neither flames nor venom these hydra utilize a powerful high-pitched screech that forces prey and enemies alike to their knees. A fully grown River hydra can be known to cause rock slides with the powerful reverberations their scream can emit. River Hydra have narrow elongated faces that let them quickly catch their prey in the most shallow of waters.

Lake Hydra

The most recognizable of the three hydra is the Lake Hydra. These thick-skinned behemoths are the largest of the species. A large colony of them live in close partnership with the Fire Crest Elves of Shamradaer. Long tapering horns lay flat along with their head and neck and blend in closely with their grey-blue hide. These horns are primarily used for mating displays when males clash with one another for dominance. Their physique is sturdy with thick ropy muscles that complement their wide muzzles. Lake Hydra rely on their sharp fangs and fiery breath to hunt and defend their territory and family units.

Jungle Hydra

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the Lake Hydra, is the Jungle Hydra. Unlike their bulkier brethren these hydra are built for speed and stealth. Their large jungle flower manes, dappled green and brown scales help camouflage them in their forested homes.  Jungle Hydra have long tapering necks and narrow, plant-like muzzles that allow them to strike their prey at a distance with lightning speed. It is said that the only thing with a faster lunge than a jungle hydra is a spike-tail adder, but unlike the adder, this hydra is armed with a venomous bite. In spite of their size, these hydra are able to move in near silence through the underbrush.


If a Yulong is killed, it is reborn after a period of a few days to a few weeks. Though it needs some time to recover, it will be as good as new after some rest. Yulong possesses thick rust-red fur that keeps them insulated from their own fiery magic. This fur can become singed over time so it is not uncommon to see a Yulong’s red fur decorated with unique russet and black designs. Yulong are able to fan or swat out small fires to suit their needs, even going so far as to heal wounded travelers with embers shaken from their own fur. In addition to their control of the element they represent, these creatures are able to utilize their internal magics to fly without wings.