Some may think they’re cute and furry, although most know better than to provoke Cenzai. Masters of hand to hand combat, and the masters of Shamanism, Cenzai are very much a force to reckon with.

From healing the sick and shapeshifting into beasts to striking fast through martial arts, completely rendering their opponents useless – the Cenzai are worthy, yet very spiritually driven opponents on the battlefield.

Taking in the humans as they were cast out from Nethandre Star Kingdom, the Cenzai have become close allies with the humans, teaching them their ways of Shamanism and the ways of the Monk.

The most dangerous thing about a Cenzai is their feet, as they are the first thing that will strike their opponent in combat. The second most dangerous thing is a Cenzai Rooboss, as they will fight to the death for blood and honor.