Coursers are known as the high borne amongst all of the races of Adia, as they have two natural given forms. One being their Human form, and the other being their superior form being Courser. Having this shapeshifting ability allows Coursers to actually, in fact, have more versatile skills and abilities than most other races in Adia.

Though their claim of superiority is a great claim, it’s also their weakness as Coursers let their own pride get in the way of many things. Coursers believe that because of their two natural forms, they must do their best to always have the highest status throughout all of Mavayadan, and especially within their home region of Walenhyde.

The best armor, the best food, the best drink, the best materials, the best architecture, the best everything. More often than not, Coursers will always opt for the richest and best things they can find. Even if this means, sometimes, disowning their own human children.

Coursers do however have the best military and the best combat trained soldiers throughout all of Adia.