Coursers are known as the highborne among all of the races of Adia, as they have two natural given forms: their Human form and their superior form, the Courser. Having this shapeshifting ability allows Coursers to have more versatile skills and abilities than most other races in Adia. 

Though their claim of superiority is a great claim, it’s also their weakness as Coursers let their own pride get in the way of many things. Coursers believe that because of their two natural forms, they must do their best to always have the highest status throughout all of Mavayadan, and especially within their home region of Walenhyde.

The best armor, the best food, the best drink, the best materials, the best architecture, the best everything. More often than not, Coursers will opt for the richest and best things they can find even if this means, sometimes, disowning their own Human children.

Coursers do, however, undeniably have the best military and the best combat trained soldiers throughout all of Adia.

Respecting the finer things

As a Courser, you respect the past of your people, but look forward to the future. You have been brought up in a culture where materialistic objects are highly valued, and while you may care about others, they aren’t always the top priority on your list. You often take pleasure in finely forged swords, gems, or artistry and have a love for entertainment.

You’ve been raised knowing that the Fire Eternal is the creator of Adia and the deity you worship. You are a part of the race of people chosen to take up the reins after the Raaknoid fell, filling the power vacuum as your people claimed Nethandre Star Kingdom, taking it over from the Raaknoid. Nethandre Star wasn’t always a beautiful kingdom, but your ancestors before you created Nethandre Star Kingdom into what it is today, from black marble floors and gold trim, to the beautiful architecture, and the magnificent statues of elder heroes that fought within the Abyssal War.

The founding kings before your birth were great diplomats, leaders commanding magnificent armies, and kings that would not let a demon into the walls that protected their kingdom from harm’s way. Many of them led armies into battle in the First Abyssal War, and then again as they aided their Paradisian allies in the War of Tusk and Feather, which later turned into the First Faction War and formed the Society.

As the Kinsworn rejected the Vampires for their betraying ways of the finer things, your people, the Coursers, accepted them as they were. Your people understood not only the want for materialistic items, but also the pleasure they bring to those around them – sharing that pleasure in life is a great gift and something that you may base your friendships on.

Not all Coursers are materialistic though, which means these Coursers are typically poor or in the lower-middle class of the Society. If you are a poor Courser, your concept of the finer things might be slightly different and instead focus on those relationships around you with family and friends, putting them first at times before yourself. This, however, is what separates the wealthy Courser swimming in gold from the poor Courser working hard for their next meal – usually. Being a poor Courser does not mean they stop dreaming of the finer things, of being able to have it all. Family, friends, wealth – to some, their relationships define their wealth, as these things, to them, is respecting the finer things in life.

“I read books to know things, and know things to read more books. It’s truly a vicious cycle of finding the balance between time to read and time to work, but this is a cycle I tend to never pull myself out of. Knowledge and understanding is one of those finer things in life that we should take pride in and be thankful for – that the Fire Eternal has given us such a great gift as this and the ability to understand such complex matters. I say, Arladek, books bring me great joy indeed.” – The Royal Mage, Corlintor Abnatrosis

Military Manners

Coursers, while they prefer the finer things in life, understand the meaning and importance of Military and the manners that come with it. Coursers spend most of their adolescence either with parents who are strict and by the book as to how things in life are done, or hard-working, lower-class people who pride themselves in their hard work and work ethic. Both groups grow up understanding the chain of command within Nethandre Star Kingdom.

A Courser will never address a superior by their first name unless they know them personally or have been given permission to. For example, referencing the Courser king as “King Ibhar” is something a Courser would never do, as that shows disrespect to the king and the royal family. They will always address them by title, and then last name, such as “King Malthus.” However, a superior may show the same respect or choose not to. A Superior may address a Knight as “Sir Sorrof,” but might instead say “Sir Azad Sorrof.” If a high-ranking noble were to address a low-ranking commoner, the nobleman may say “Mr. Saulymon” or “Ms. Saulymon,” but may also insert their first name if they so choose.

While formalities and how to speak with one another are important amongst the Coursers, it is even more important that tasks are finished in a timely manner as Coursers are both organized and efficient in everything they do. Whether this is farming the land and raising livestock, or forging new weaponry for their armies, or the Warrior Knights training in their training grounds outside of their barracks, Coursers strive to be orderly and productive.

“Let me tell you, Sir Azad Sorrof, just because your heart tells you that you shouldn’t be attacking the Tuskaar, doesn’t mean you should listen to it. The heart lies sometimes, and as to where our best interest sits, that is within the Society, and with the Coursers. Our people. Not theirs.” – General Enteon Ralabog