Elves in Adia are a strong, and at times a barbaric type of people. They take pride in their hunts, their culture, but most of all their beasts. Beast Masters, like High Nobles in Nethandre Star Kingdom, are treated very well here in the Elven city of Shamradaer and are also known to be treated with the highest amount of respect and honor. Even their Chieftain, Dathmar, bears the mark of a Beast Master.

Elves worship the Fire Eternal, like most of the other races on Adia, except they have been given the gift to be very much in tune with nature, and have a thrill for the hunt.

Even though most Elves stand tall at an average of 7 – 9 feet in height, they are incredibly stealthy for their large physique. More times than not an Elf being a master hunter, will use their skills for hunting in war as well. Many times the enemy may lurk through the Jungles, or the Forests, and suddenly death will reign upon them because of the agile and very aware Elf.

Elves are master swordsman and marksman, rarely will an Elf use magic, however it has been known that some Elves have been trained in the ways of Shamanism, granting them the ability to shape shift into particular animals.

This training comes from their loyal allies known as the Cenzai, located in the Assadi plains. Elves will often trade with the Cenzai, and now humans that reside there as outcasts, for other material goods such as hide, metals, and spices.

Coursers and Orcs aren’t too fond of Elves, but if they gain enough courage to face an Elf, they will trade with them from time to time. Coursers and Orcs are aware that an Elf could rip them in two, and as Myth has it, Elves would train for combat by stuffing large Haydoo carcasses filled with rocks and ripping them in two. This may seem farfetched, but realistically, could still prove true. No one can really confirm this as there hasn’t been a war in centuries.

However, word on the merchant trail has it that Demon Hordes are beginning to invade the surrounding cities to the west, toward the Tassradan Jungle. Knowing this the Elves will take no chances, and are very familiar with war. If war is coming again, the Elves plan to put the Demon Hordes to rest for good.