Commander Ayreeli Lortran, former name Ayreeli Malthus, the rightful heir to the throne, was the eldest of the two Brothers. Ibhar being the younger of the two, and born Courser, always despised his older human brother. Ibhar saw him as nothing more than a cursed creature and always treated him Poorly.

The King and Queen of Nethandre Star Kingdom, Ayreeli’s parents, had always been good to him. After they had died in a mugging accident by petty thieves – only Ayreeli and Ibhar were left to rule the kingdom.

Often times when Ayreeli would walk amongst the people of Nethandre Star, he would often get treated as a commoner, as that was standard practice in Nethandre Star, Humans being the lowest class doing Peasant work.

One day, Ibhar devised a plan to get rid of his older brother once and for all, and pointed out to the kingdom how all “Humans” were exactly that. Humans. They wasted space, took up resources for the higher classes, and were cursed by the Fire Eternal.

Ibhar called the kingdom together and proposed a new law to the counsel that all humans should be banned from Nethandre Star Kingdom, unless working for a merchant on the first tier of the kingdom.

The Nobles agreed to this new law, and the majority of humans were cast out, to live in the Asadii plains. At this point in time, the guards had come to escort Prince Ayreeli to his new home, but was nowhere to be found. 

Ayreeli made a new name for himself, going by the surname now known as “Lortran”, also known as one of the Great Leaders of the Kinsworn, Commander Lortran.

The word “Human” in Paths and in the world of Adia, in translation literally means “Defect”.

Knowing that Humans are defected Coursers, Humans may all come from the same litter, and all have the same Courser or Human mother, which would make them all full siblings regardless of color or pattern. The markings they have are what they would be if they had a courser form, as humans are blends of their original once known courser colors.