The life of a mage is very busy, yet also exciting. Discovering new spells, and consistently reading a new book every day, a mage will always have a thirst for knowledge. The Mage will always ask “Why?” when no one else will.

As the Mage loves to read countless books, it’s because of this reading they are able to learn and conjure new powerful spells that may conjure a drink at a party or seriously damage their enemies in combat.

A Mage Scholar

Mage’s belong to the Mage Guild and study within the Mage Guild in order to better enhance their class and craft. Within the Mage Guild, you are known as a Scholar, and overtime learn more and more about the spells you practice.

As a Mage is a part of the Mage Guild, it is also their duty to uphold the duty and the most important responsibilities of a Mage, as it is important not to ethically break the Mage Guild code to use your powers as evil sorcery.

However, if you do, you will become labeled a renegade, and no longer accepted by the Mage Guild hurting your reputation. This is important as the Mage Guild supplies Mages with supplies and good they may need on their adventures.