Orcs in Paths are very noble, very civilized, and are considered to be the most upstanding citizens of Adia.

Orcs are scholars, leaders of Mage guilds, Leaders of the Fireforge, and masters at crafting well built machines, engineering them to the best of their abilities – and even sometimes help from a little magic.

Orcs have knights, and soldiers that are trained in barracks, and are some of the most well trained fighters within Adia, right along side the Coursers. When Nethandre Star Kingdom calls for aide, they are the first to react to the call, aiding their Courser brethren in battle.

Orcs are weapon masters and are highly skilled in almost every weapon, and know how to use almost every single type of artillery equipment that has ever been created.

Knowing that, their Mages are some of the best when it comes to wielding some of the most powerful magic, and one Orc in particular is the Master Arch Mage of the Arcane.

Yes, the Orcs may not have brute strength behind them, but are most definitely a force to reckon with.

On top of that, Orcs make great businessman, diplomats and politicians when it comes to holding high rank in Nethandre Star Kingdom, or through out any civilized city for that matter.

Orc master strategists fill the royal war quarters, becoming think tanks for military placement, and a key to winning battles out on the field.

Even the country men and women, farm and raise crops, yet still know enough to swing a sword or an axe in battle – educating themselves, and always trying to improve their daily work load.

Rumor has it that Demon Hordes invade from the East, and they will be the first to answer the call. Reports have been flowing in stating that Rokdom’Nar will be the first hit in these many waves of demonic invasion.

Hold fast! Fight Hard! Never give up! For the Fire Eternal!