A Paladin will swear an oath to the Fire Forge, and because of this Oath they are always the first to come to the aide of those that need it first. Before any military, before any hero, the Fire Forge is always there to help no matter how big or small the cause.

The oath that the Paladin swears is not only sacred to their brothers and sisters within the Fire Forge, but also to the deity known as the Fire Eternal. The Fire Eternal is that of eternal flame, holy, and light. Paladins will stomp out the darkness in the darkest night, and cast judgment upon the demons that run rampant throughout Adia.

Paladins of the Fire Forge train very hard to become the holy warriors of light and flame that they are today. Going through rigorous missions, intense training, and moral testing. Hard feet and soft hearts, the Paladin is meant to brutalize, purging darkness, but will always protect the weak when no one else will.

With their oaths, and the power backing them of the Fire Eternal, the Paladin wields two very dangerous tools that they have at their disposal. When fighting a paladin in combat, the Paladin will always end up having more endurance in the end.