Masters of Persuasion

It is said that to be a Paradisian is to have magic in one’s speech. So brilliant is their aptitude for communication that there are few diplomats not trained in Paradisian mannerisms. In addition to their innate charm and intelligence, Paradisians also have the ability to turn any situation into a personal challenge. To them, any situation they are in must be about them to some degree or another. This can help drive them to succeed, but also hinders them, as any situation that they do not “win” bears the weight of great personal failure. 

Known for their social expertise and diplomacy, it is not uncommon to see Paradisians in positions of power, for better or worse. High-ranking diplomats, nobles, and politicians litter both the Nethandre Star and Razrook Kingdoms, making decisions both at the forefront as well as behind the scenes. These decisions almost always net them gains either for their people or themselves.

On the rare occasions that a Paradisian cannot talk their way through a situation, they typically find themselves on the defensive. In situations calling for brute strength or hand-to-hand combat, a Paradisian will seldom have an advantage. They are quick and gifted with flight, but exceedingly fragile compared to races such as the Tuskaar or Elves. If Paradisians find themselves on the losing side of a fight, a deal is most often in order. Assuming, of course, that they haven’t already been taken out of the fight completely. 

Most choose to leave well enough alone in battles with a Paradisian. Their quick wits and clout more often than not mean that they will come back to finish the war if they lose a battle. It is this reputation for strategy and cunning—and not the strength of their arm—that earns them respect on the fields of battle. 

“Your first taste of loss. We seldom see this on the path we walk, but don’t let the stains of the past set within your feathers, friend. Move forward. There is nothing wrong with making new alliances, when they’re necessary, of course.” – High Chair Wengul Graytalon

Born into Magic

Not only do Paradisians seem to have magic in their speech, but they have magic literally resting in their feathers. This is a blessing given to them by the Fire Eternal who wished for his creation to have a deep connection to the spirit magic forges of his soul. This gift gives Paradisians an innate sensitivity to the ebb and flow of Spirit in the world, leading many to pursue the study of the magic they feel around them. 

Because of this, Paradisians often find themselves fixating on spirit magic so much that they pursue their curiosity to dangerous lengths. The most foolhardy pursue spirit magic to the point of addiction. This is a truly dangerous situation for one to be in as it can turn an individual into a vampire that craves and consumes excessive amounts of Spirit. Most Paradisian scholars and students, however, see vampirism as the ultimate form of dedication. To them, vampiric cravings for spirit magic are merely a step on the path to the next level of knowledge and power. 

In spite of the status boost that comes with vampirism, most Paradisians do not ever reach that state as a matter of caution. Most are more interested in the accumulation of knowledge than the power that comes with vampirism. Some turn back before they gain a true addiction out of fear that such an addiction would get in the way of their research or learning process.  

Most keen-minded Paradisians follow the path of the mage and the promise of discovering new ways to use spirit magic and spells, entrenching themselves in the fellowship of other knowledge seekers. However, those that aren’t a part of the Mages’ Guild will often find that magic seeks them due to their natural attunement with Spirit Magic. It is rumored that many Paradisians end up making a name for themselves whether or not they want to or not because of this.

Their natural sensitivity and connection to Spirit deeply connect every Paradisian to the Fire Eternal as they can feel minute shifts within spirit magic that most others would miss.

“I may not be as blessed as most other Paradisians, but my feathers tell me that I was made for something special. Something magical. You are too, friend. I know you feel it flowing through you too. Though it chafes to not choose our own path as the others do, perhaps we will find comfort in knowing that we possess such a special gift as this.” – Arladek Tunefeather

Only the beautiful survive

The Paradisian caste system is one of the harshest social systems in all of Adia. It all comes down to color. According to the Paradisian hierarchy, the more colorful you are, the more beautiful you are. Those with the most color receive the most prestige and kindness. Those that are beautiful are seen as not only more deserving of power, but abler and more gifted as well. 

Those with solid colors or fewer bright patterns fall solidly into the lower class of Paradisian culture. Typically, those with white, grey, black, or brown patterns are regarded as common folk and simpletons. Regardless of their level of study, they are counted as less intelligent than their more colorful peers unless they go to extreme lengths to prove themselves. 

Those with red, blue, orange, purple, green, or other eye-catching colors stand out more visually and are therefore the best fit for anything offered to them. The most colorful and brightly feathered often find themselves in high-ranking positions or pursuing the path of a mage with as much assistance as their kingdom can muster. A dull Paradisian will be lucky to find work as an assassin or warrior without significant pushback from their own kin. After all, who would trust a dull-feathered Paradisian to be anything other than dull-witted as well?

This caste system is stable and respected throughout all of Razrook kingdom, and anywhere that large numbers of Paradisian are present. Unless, of course, with that of the lesser races.

In a Paradisian’s life, only the beautiful survive, and only those with magnificent colors get to call the shots. The root of this belief is that those with bright colors shine more brightly with the love of the Fire Eternal. While some see it as a sign of respect for their creator, others see it as unjust and wrong. 

It’s all about your feathers. Why wouldn’t it be? These feathers have been able to receive more gold than any other high-ranking politician from here to the halls of Nethandre Star Kingdom. They’re priceless, worth more than your life.” – Jasmeen Quetzal