The Paradisian is very much a race that is segregated within itself. Politics and their Caste system very much come into play. From Scholars, Nobles, and Arch Mages at the highest points, down to the lowest of classes such as serifs, thieves, assassins, and peasants.

Paradisian are very distinct between male and female. Female Paradisian have long head and tail feathers ( sometimes beautiful crests ), while males have short tail feathers, and short head feathers.

The biggest thing to note about Paradisian is Bright colors vs. Dark Colors. Bright Paradisian will be in full exotic, and very bright colors, where Dark colored Paradisian is not always black, or brown, but sometimes have a solid color with a unique pattern on them.

It is very rare to see a Bright colored Paradisian sitting with a lower class, but it’s even rarer to see a dark-colored Paradisian sitting with a higher class.

To make matters worse, because the Paradisian has been at war with the Tuskaar for so long, you would think that they would put more value into the lower classes of their lower ranks.

Typically any Bright Colored Paradisian is more often than not Mages, and Priests. Dark Colored Paradisian, however, find themselves typically preferring the life of an Assassin, a warrior, or a Necromancer. 

However, even though these may be stereotypes in the world of Paradisian rulers, there are those rare occasions where a Paradisian will completely break tradition and choose their own Path, completely fed up with the Caste system that binds them and their culture.