Shamans use nature-based magic that consists of the manipulation of elements that are in and all around Adia.  Even though Shamans are very in tune with nature, they are also shapeshifters. Shamans unlock their shapeshift magic based on the carved statue they receive on a necklace before their rite of passage, or in some cases, based on the spirit animal they have connected with.

Shamans have been known to shapeshift into many different animal types, but the two most common are Spike tailed Adders, and Great Gryphons. It is said however that some more advanced Shamans can take on many animal forms based on their experiences through life.

Rite of Passage

All young Shamans are given a set of Serpent Spike armor, only after they have completed the rite of passage into becoming a wielder of Shamans abilities. A young Shamans must find, kill, and skin a Spiked Tail Adder for their Serpent Spike Gear. Once all other pieces have been crafted and made, Pauldrons are presented to the Shamans as a completion of the rite of passage.

Although, it is rumored that some Shamans have been able to earn Serpent Spike armor through other mystical ways of advancing through their shamanistic experiences and feats of strength.

The Rite of Passage allows Shamans to not only become a Shaman, but allows them to hear the voices of the animals around them. It is indeed a much different way of life than others when you can speak with and listen to all of the animals and elements around you.