Statues of the Past

Small waves splashed against the side of our boat, and the light in the sky was high, shining down on us. The water sparkled, and a light breeze blew by.

My father and I had just come back from a day of laying traps in the water for fish. My father was tired and exhausted as he had done most of the work today, I offered to row the boat and let him rest.

Hydra’s could be heard screeching overhead, calling out almost as if they were begging for attention as Hydra’s do sometimes. They are powerful creatures, but can also be very silly sometimes.

It was a beautiful day. Two sailboats could be seen in the distance. My father broke the silence. “You’re a good boy, Sorfen.”

I squinted as my eyes crinkled, not from the sun, but because of the huge smile that spread across my face. It was a great honor to get recognition from your father.

“I will tell your mother to give you extra portions for you rowing us home. You will become even stronger. You will be the Hydra tamer that all of the ladies want.”  My father beat his chest and cracked a side smile.

I burst out in laughter, and the boat wobbled a bit. “Oh, oops.” my face grew flush in the hopes I hadn’t upset my father.

My father turned around with a huge smile. I felt a huge relief and let out a long sigh, continuing to paddle.

The statues of the great chieftains of past time stood tall, and the crackle of the fire could be heard, even from this far away. The Gems twinkled in the afternoon light.

My father’s face grew serious once again, and after noticing it, mine did too. “Did you know them, father?”

“Yes, Sorfen. Not the other two, but I fought alongside Gothmar Andeoshen, father of Dathmar Andeoshen.”

My brows raised as my father never usually spoke of the past. “What happened to them? And are they are Andeoshen?”

My father placed his hands on his front legs. “Yes, these three great men are what have made the Fire Crest Elves one of the greatest people and warriors in the world. They fought with great war tactics, precision, accuracy, and even magic that was bestowed upon them.”

I continued to paddle, and grew silent, listening intently to my father.

“Gothmar Andeoshen was the third generation of men in the Andeoshen bloodline. They say that Gothmar could wipe out entire armies, and only purple spirit was left floating from the bodies of the armies he crushed.”

My brows raised again. Inside I felt inspired. My chest swelled and I stood tall, proud to be a Fire Crest Elf. “Did you see this happen, father?”

My father turned to look at me and his face was very serious. “Maybe, I will tell that tale another time. For now my son, you must know that your Chieftains are very important for the survival of our world.”

I nodded quickly, “Yes sir. I will remember that.”

My father’s face cracked another half smile. “Good.”