5th Edition

Paths: World of Adia can be played on 5th Edition, the largest tabletop RPG system in the world. In tabletop roleplaying games, the storytelling aspect of gameplay is important and we want to provide a way for those who wish to tell their stories in the World of Adia to do so with something they may already be familiar with. While we offer a new and unique game system, we also understand how hard it can be to get your entire party of friends to learn a new system. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the World of Adia.

Paths System

We have crafted a unique system for Paths: World of Adia for those who choose not to use the 5th edition system. We have named this system the Paths System.  The Paths System allows the players more freedom when it comes to the synergy of multi-pathing and multi-classing, offers new card gameplay, the equipment you wear and use matters, and our new spirit magic system. We’ve also included a feature for GM-less gameplay that can be played straight out of a story adventure book. The Paths System will soon be released as a CC-BY license for those who wish to commercially third-party publish their own settings.