Necromancers use powerful death magic to summon death magic Skeletons and Ghausts. Skeletons and Ghausts weren’t actually ever living, but make powerful allies in combat. Knowing this, when a necromancer summons the dead back to the living, the dead have their own free will but are very much undead as their skin is pale and their iris is white.

Chosen by the Summoner

Necromancers are possibly one of the most important classes in Paths. Necromancers were chosen by the Fire Eternal, traditionally titled as “Summoners” of old, but terminology has since changed over time. Necromancers were created for the very soul purpose of defeating demons.

War is coming, and the Demon hordes are more than ever pursuing strong invasion tactics to bring cities and races to their knees, forcing them to pledge their allegiance to the Abyss, or seek certain death.

You’ve been chosen to fulfill a task that not many will understand, but most importantly this burden weighs heavy on you. Death magic hasn’t been in the lands of Adia for hundreds of years, and is known more as a legend to scare children into obedience. This means that many people you come across may be weary to speak with you out of caution for their lives.

A Necromancer has a task they must complete, but that task is up to you to choose. Are you here to aid in the battle against the Demon Hordes? Are you here to seek out the ancient relic known as the Azashael? This task you will choose later but is good to think about now, for once this task is complete you will then become a true Summoner, unlocking that title.

Being a summoner is no easy feat as demons already have a sense to hunt death, but by becoming a summoner you’re much easier for them to find, which means you as a Necromancer must always be on your guard and only put trust in those that have proven themselves to you.