Chosen by the Summoner

Necromancers are possibly one of the most important classes in the world of Adia. Necromancers were chosen by the Fire Eternal, traditionally titled as “Summoners” of old during the First Abyssal War, but the terminology has since changed over time due to Death receiving his Scythe once again.

Necromancers were created originally by the Abyss to command his demon armies and destroy the world of Adia.

Now in the Fire Eternal’s control, Necromancers have been chosen to fulfill a task that many will not understand and most importantly complete some of the heaviest of burdens that will be placed upon the people of Adia. Death magic hasn’t been seen on Adia for almost 170 years and is known more like a legend to scare children into obedience. Many people that you will come across may be weary to speak with you out of caution for their lives.

A Necromancer has a task they must complete, but that task is up to you to choose. Are you here to aid in the battle against the Demon Hordes? Are you here to seek out the ancient relic known as the Azashael? Or will you choose to fall into your origins of the Abyss and seek out the writings of the Lich Tramotomas? This is for you to choose as you enter the world of Adia anew. 


The Undead

Necromancers use powerful Death Magic to summon Death Magic Skeletons and Ghausts. Skeletons and Ghausts weren’t actually ever living because Death Magic is not something that is living and can’t be considered undead. When a Necromancer of the Fire Eternal summons the dead back to the life, the dead have free will and are then considered undead as their skin is pale and translucent, and their eyes glow white or shades of blue. This, however, is not so true for the undead that is summoned by a Necromancer that follows the Abyss. Instead, the Necromancers of the Abyss summon the undead as reanimated bodies and is rotting and decaying.

Whether an undead is decaying or ethereal, this does not mean that they are good nor evil as there is some decaying undead that was freed from the Abyss and his grasp when Death’s Scythe was retrieved, freeing the remaining decaying undead to make their own decisions as they now have free will.