Tuskaar are an honorable people. They are mighty, and strong, yet often keep themselves out of trouble. Tuskaar, considered one of the lesser races of Adia, are often looked down upon by the nobleman of Nethandre Star Kingdom and are considered nothing more than barbaric savages. However, there are times where you may find Tuskaar running trade routes as merchants, or setting up shops within the lowest tier of Nethandre Star trying to sell their home made wares.

Tuskaar, like the Elves, are very hard working, and are very family natured. They care deeply for their kin, of both Tuskaar, and other. Most Tuskaar live in Tribes, sometimes considered to be their herd by outsiders, and can live for many decades. The Eldest Tuskaar was 230 years of age, and was still able to throw a spear as if he was still a young bull.

Male Tuskaar are very plain, but extremely large, with the shortest Tuskaar standing 9 feet in height, to the tallest Tuskaar, Gohja and Tuskaar Warlord, standing just over 13 feet in height. The male Tuskaar will often use their tusks in combat, or during ritual battle honors for warlord. Depending on the male, they will some times carve their tusks to show battle achievements, and use it almost as a story board to tell war stories to the young.

Female Tuskaar however paint their face and ears with colorful and very beautiful designs. In some cases a female may carve their tusks in special design patterns as they are much smaller than the males tusks, or adorn them with jewelry. Female Tuskaar are on average 7 feet in height. Just like the male, a female Tuskaar will charge into combat if threatened, even worse, if their young is threatened. Beware, for if you threaten the young of a female Tuskaar, you will not survive to see the next day.  

Weaponry of choice for Tuskaar are typically Staves, Pole Arms, Spears, and small to medium sized blades. However, from time to time you will see Tuskaar wielding axes, hammers, and other types of melee weaponry. Tuskaar have a difficult time with small projectiles, and archery, which means they will rarely pick up a ranged weapon like a Bow.

Tuskaar, being very slow, will more often then not walk most places, as there aren’t many creatures within Adia that could hold a Tuskaar on its back. Although this does not mean that a Tuskaar is slow in a charge when close ranged, as they could in fact stampede their enemy to death.

Rumor has it that Demon invasions are coming from the east, if this is true the Tuskaar will be ready to fight.