Being a Vampire is a way of life.

In fact, any race can become a vampire. However, it is a very painful process.

Elves were the first to become Vampires. Why did some of the Elves decide to take on the life of a Vampire?

The truth is because of acceptance. They distorted themselves forcing different kinds of arcane magic into their body, in hopes they would be just like the other nobles of Nethandre Star Kingdom. Ultimately hoping to be seen as less savage.

In the end, these Vampires, once Elves, betrayed their own people – but not because they didn’t love their families, or love their people, but because they wanted to get into the club that received the highest of praises.

They were sick of hunting, catering to the animals, and most of all tired of being labeled as savages. Vampires are the furthest thing from evil, but very much have a sad story, and some even seek redemption from their kin knowing they can never be what they were once again because of what the arcane has done to them.

Elves were the first to follow this path, but many other races followed in their foot steps, often under the heel of Ibhar Malthus, and the royal family. They have accepted the curse that they have placed upon themselves.

Knowing that Vampires have forced so much Arcane magics, and other types of magic into themselves, Vampires are actually very powerful magic wielders.

They are known to more often than not follow in the footsteps of a Mage, or even at times a Necromancer, and will completely decimate the enemy with a single blast.

Because Vampires are so strong magically, they are often very weak when it comes to physical combat, however that has never stopped them in the past from picking up a sword and shield and coming out on top.

Vampires also thirst for more red and blue spirit magic, because of this, they have researched and found ways to manipulate spirit, and gaining more of it than other races that study spirit magic. 

Granted, Vampires aren’t all about serious business when it comes to magic, however they are very serious when it comes to their fashion statement. Vampires very much have a Gothic and Darker style in general to them, yet still holding onto that fantasy theme very much. They wear some of the finest materials such as silks, and beautifully hand crafted Jewelry. They like to flaunt this, just as much as they like to flaunt their power.

Rumor has it that Demon Hordes are invading from the east. If this is true, this will not stop a Vampire from draining their spirit magic until they are nothing left but a lifeless husk.